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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mmmm........... Match.com PART 2!! FINAL

Well it's been a while dear readers but there is a reason!!

Some of you may remember this post here where I was musing whether dating sites actually work or not etc. etc. etc.

Well....I have to take it all back! They DO work! I have finally met the man of my dreams! All thanks to Match.com! Eek I know!!! The experiment worked!!! Who'd have thunk it??

Anyway, apparently a lady never tells so I am not going to go into details! Plus I know you will be reading this D :)

I will say that the site was a bit dodgy as per my previous blog post and you have to watch out for the scam artists and the arabian men who want to marry you without even meeting you- really yani my princess- but if you search hard enough and prune hard enough and wish and pray to the gods of love and use your common sense of course you might find a gem too!

I guess the main thing is- don't ever give up hope- you never know what is going to happen in life- and it will happen when it's supposed to happen! Just live your life to the full in the meantime!

Well I am going back to my Cloud 9 for now and will blog again soon :)