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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's Box Set time!!

With summer and Ramadan fast approaching Dubai's inhabitants, who aren't lucky enough to be evacuated for the hottest time of the year, tend to hibernate indoors with a box set or 20!

The TV options available here are totally rubbish which is why most people download, stream and buy DVD box sets- to stop themselves having to watch the "new" season of Desperate Housewives being shown by the TV channels here- which is usually 4 years behind the real world!

Also US TV seems to have gone into a hiatus for the summer too meaning the weekly shows on the net are finished too boohoo!

Here's the pick of my faves for you to watch to while away the summer heat until we get till September and hopefully the cooler temps!

1. Game of Thrones- this new series starring Sean Bean is amazing- like Lord of the Rings X rated version! Get the 5 books that the series is based on and that should keep you busy!
2. Torchwood- Dr Who spin off starring the sexy John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness- more adult though- new series starts on July 7th- if you're quick you can watch the last 3 before the new ones start!
3. True Blood- vamps vamps and all sorts of spooky things! 3 past seasons to watch and a current one on now...like an adult Twilight but so much more better! 11 books to go along with this series too!
4. Human Planet- amazing documentary series about us as humans and how we survive and live in all different territories and conditions- amazing photography and narrated by John Hurt. Part was filmed in Dubai too which is really interesting!
5. The Middle- this is a light weight really funny show starring the mum from Everyone Loves Raymond and the janitor from Scrubs as parents trying to do their best
6. Parks & Recreation- Office- style mockumentary- very dry, witty and funny! Brilliant characters! Based in the made up town of Pawnee and follows the lives of the Parks & Rec council department- starring Rob Lowe too!
7. Friends- an oldie but a goodie- did you know there is a repeat of a Friends episode on TV somewhere in the world permanently! Have a Friends marathon- go right back to the pilot epsiode and laugh your way through the next 10 seasons!
8. Modern Family- another family based US comedy but very clever and guaranteed laughs every episode.
9. My Name Is Earl- just watched all of these- I used to catch odd episodes but never got "into" it- if you watch in sequence right form the beginning this show is absolutely hilarious!
10. Gossip Girl.... shhhhhhhh..... my guilty pleasure- think it is supposed to be for teeangae girls but I love this show- set in New York, fab clothes, hot actors and actresses, intrigue and gossip.... watch it and enjoy but be careful who you talk to about it :)

That should be enough to keep you going- hope you enjoy my picks!