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Thursday, 27 January 2011


Beautiful Lebanon
Well I think I am going to be a bit politcal today- what is going on round here? Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, Cairo- it's all kicking off! I don't often get political- get into too many arguments- living here has changed my views and I can't even have a conversation with people in UK about Israel/ Palestine/ Muslims- my views and understanding is so different than someone who has never left the UK.

I have never been political in the past- have never voted, have never had an interest- I know it's terrible I was apathetic! Moving out here though has made me see the difference in reporting in the media- you can see the slants and biases- it is quite amazing actually! Unless you lived in the Middle East or searched around for other news sources you would be in blissful ignorance for the whole of your life!

I do hope the countries going through this struggle and change now do succeed in making improvements- corruption is such a terrible thing- countries that should be rich, civilised with great infrastructures are being held back. It's hard to believe this sort of thing goes on still in this day and age.

Take Lebanon for example- a place close to my heart- Lebanon is an amazing, beautiful country with wonderful people- they should be raking in the tourist dollars and reaping the benefits- but the instability ruins this....and it is such a shame! I have been many times- and I will admit I was scared the first time and had put off visiting the country for a long time- but I am wuss- hangover from being somewhere just after a war- anyway been lots now and I love it- but on a recent visit could I get my mother to come over with me and see Beirut?- no way! The pity of it all is that she would have had the best time and been somewhere that not a lot of UK people have been.

I know, I know- I am not a political commentator- but I just wish the world was a simpler place- I am sure 99% of the people in these countries want the same as me- peace, prosperity, a fair system, religious tolerance- is that really too much to ask for in 2011!

Normal service and wittering about TV shows et al will resume shortly but this has been on my mind a lot today! Hope you don't mind!

Give peace a chance.........

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Yes that is the same carriage Jordan got married in!
Well I do love a good documentary and this latest Channel 4 offering seems to have it all- giant wedding dresses, monster trucks, stretch hummers for first communions and spray tans for 6 year olds! You can watch it on that level and laugh and be amazed- but beneath the 21 layers of petticoats and kids dancing like they really shouldn't be- there is much more substance to the programme which may be missed by many.

I think living in the Middle East for so long has made me way more tolerant and also fascinated by other cultures and religions- my last TV-documentary- spawned- interest was about The Amish through The World's Squarest Teenagers (awful title by the way- did not do the series justice but I bet it grabbed people's attention.) That show was so thought provoking about the modern way of life and religion- it made me cry many a time! Click here for info

Anyway back to the travellers/ gypsies. They are a community striving to keep hold of their ways and traditions in a world that seems hell bent on not letting them live their way of life. Maybe I am being really naive and need to do a lot more research- but if they are trying to live their lives, follow the rules of their society and keep themselves to themselves- why not just let them get on with it? This week watching the campsites getting bulldozed was really sad- their "natural habitat", so to speak, has been taken by giant Asda's and Tescos etc. so there is nowhere for them to go. There are so much more worse segments of society in the UK causing all sorts of trouble- focus on them!

Am off to do a lot more research on them now! Do watch the documentary if you get chance- it is a complete spectacle but with lessons to be learnt in there too!

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

(P.S. Purely on a really plastic superficial level- man, I really want to get married in a dress with fairy lights and moving butterflies hahahahhahah! Maybe there really is a secret Barbie princess hiding inside every woman hahahha!)

Time Warp

So I have obviously been through a bit of a time warp between setting this up and actually adding any content! But am here now!

I though blogging was actually going out of fashion- but think I am wrong and with my latest attempt to get my head round, what I call, Twitter.... has led me on to all sorts of other things!

So I am going to blog- and people will read! Don't know what my focus will be yet- is it the usual topics- life in Dubai, ranting about life in Dubai, the dearth of the dating scene in Dubai- or do I come up with something new-ish- PR and Marketing (in Dubai of course), my favourite TV shows and wish I had a job I could get paid to watch TV and critique- who knows!

In the meantime just to cover the above topics:
Life in Dubai- good but a bit boring at the moment! Need to spice it up! Too busy focusing on not smoking though!
Ranting- grrrr my car needs a service- rip off time here we come! Need my dad/ brother/ man with me to make sure am not fooled!! Never going to happen!
Dating- don't even go there! Seriously- anyway this year's NYE resolution of no more "shit" men is working hahhahah!
PR- I am full up with my client base now- woohoo! Better get some work done now actually- those press releases will not write themselves!
TV- Lie To Me- amazing show- Tim Roth I "crush" you! (That means I like him- have a crush on- mind you he is only little so I could possibly crush him literally too!)

So byesy bye for now!